Welcome to Beggars Tomb

Welcome to Beggars Tomb! I always get many questions when people see the web address on my card or in a link somewhere. The two I always seem to get the most are, Whats is it? and Why Beggars Tomb as a name? Firstly, this website is a collection of projects of various things I have done and am doing ranging from web site design, which I am finding myself doing less and less, to sharing a picture I have taken to a rambling thought or idea I have while working on various writing projects. Up above there is a link called Press which takes you to the Beggars Tomb Press page which is a namplate used to publish various print books and e-books. Currently we have completed 3 projects and have more on the way. The second question I always get the most is why did you name it Beggars Tomb? The answer to that question is really simple, it is the nickname given to the house and surrounding property where I live. The nickname was given as a constant reminder of the awesomeness of our Savior as even Jesus Christ could not afford to buy a tomb when he was crucified and was buried in essentially a Beggars Tomb. So as you visit the various pages that will be forth coming in the days and months ahead I hope you enjoy them. If you are looking for a previous post that appeared in one of the earlier versions of this site, let me know and I will repost or provide a link so you can see it. I wish you all the best and I hope you enjoy your stay at Beggars Tomb